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"The call to be the Church is the greatest and most loving challenge in the world."

Kimball Boyd Coburn has been called by God to be a messenger of the Good News of Jesus Christ. The "Goodness" of it is that it is loving, confronting, challenging and hope giving to our lives, to our nation, and to our world. 

The Rev. Dr. Kimball Boyd Coburn ventured out on faith in 1979 and began a ministry of Evangelism in the Prophetic Spirit. He prefers to be known as a servant evangelist because he wants to serve God and the Church. His ministry is not to build a name for himself or to build buildings, but to serve in a way that will challenge people to understand they are the Church...To understand God is calling them to feed the hungry, share with the poor, respond to the cry of the powerless, change unjust structures and systems and work for peace. His passion for compassion is genuinely powerful. 

Kimball very much wants to bring God's CALL (message) to you, your church and community. He is ecumenical in spirit and, in fact, encourages churches to work together toward a community event. His coming is not based on an amount of money but an openness to hearing and following God's Call. 

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