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Picture of Kimball Boyd Coburn

The Rev. Dr. Kimball Coburn, Servant Evangelist

Like circuit riders of the last two centuries, Kimball Coburn travels wherever he is called. He is appointed in the United Methodist church to a ministry of Evangelism in the Prophetic Spirit by his bishop, Bishop Mary Swenson. He is in his 32nd year of doing evangelism and has traveled to 13 states where his warmth and contagious spirit has been widely accepted.

Kimball is man with an exceptional gift. He speaks of how we can live out the Gospel in our daily lives. He is as inspiring with a guitar on his arm singing a song of faith as he is with a bible in his hand making a witness for the “Good News” in a world hungry for hope and healing. He preaches God’s ‘Call to Be The Church’ like never before.

The Rev. Dr. David McCreary of the Nebraska Conference of the United Methodist Church says: “Kimball Coburn has reinvented an evangelistic style for the twenty-first century mainline church. He blends the old and the new in music, worship and theology to touch heart, head and will.”


  In the Prophetic Spirit!

For over three decades the Rev. Dr. Kimball Coburn has ventured out in faith to serve God in a way that challenges his hearers To Be The Church...to feed the hungry, share with the poor, respond to the cry of the powerless and hurting of our world and work for peace. He prefers to be called a servant evangelist and his passion for compassion is genuinely powerful. United Methodist minister, Rev. Rob Calderhead says: “Kimball Coburn is the epitome of the 21st century evangelist. He is that ever rarer combination of deep faith, contemporary concern and complete integrity. He has a passion for God, a passion for people and a passion for the world. He is a modern prophet in the best sense of the world.

Kimball's wife, Pam, shares a wonderful ministry and love for children. Through Bible study, storytelling and arts and crafts she helps them to discover they are Called To Be The Church too. The Coburns' love for children and youth come naturally as they are the parents of four grown children and grandparents of six grandchildren.

Kimball often includes in his services music that he and his children have written, recorded and produced through the years for his ministry. They use their voices, their instruments and their great spirit to communicate God’s love.

If you would like to know more about his ministry or if you would like one of his CD’s, ”A Messenger and His Music,” please write, e-mail or call:

Kimball Boyd Coburn Ministry
PO Box 633 – Claremont, CA 91711-0633
(562) 464-9904

Click on the CD image below to hear a sample song.

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